Friday, June 7, 2013

Make A Garden In The Smallest Yards

With such a small yard, rather than let the grass grow and mowing constantly, I made me a garden.  This section of the garden I planted flowers and in the back I planted corn.  I started everything from seeds.

This is the rest of my small garden.

I have 2 tomato plants, Beefsteak on the left and Roma on the right.  In front of the tomatoes are some heads of lettuce.  Above the lettuce will be a tower of flowers once my baby flowers get bigger.

This picture is my vegetable garden.  I have corn on the back row, green beans (bottom of pic), and peas (above the green beans).

I have sunflowers and marigolds in this section.

Green Beans


My little lettuce sprouts.


More lettuce.

Beefsteak tomato.

Roma tomato.


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