Friday, June 7, 2013

Make A Garden In The Smallest Yards

With such a small yard, rather than let the grass grow and mowing constantly, I made me a garden.  This section of the garden I planted flowers and in the back I planted corn.  I started everything from seeds.

This is the rest of my small garden.

I have 2 tomato plants, Beefsteak on the left and Roma on the right.  In front of the tomatoes are some heads of lettuce.  Above the lettuce will be a tower of flowers once my baby flowers get bigger.

This picture is my vegetable garden.  I have corn on the back row, green beans (bottom of pic), and peas (above the green beans).

I have sunflowers and marigolds in this section.

Green Beans


My little lettuce sprouts.


More lettuce.

Beefsteak tomato.

Roma tomato.


Make A Mobile Greenhouse And Grow Your Own Food Year Round Or Sell To Your Local Restaurants.... Know What You Are Eating

In my first blog Build A Homemade Enclosed Trailer, I showed you how to make a cheap enclosed trailer.  Now I will show you how to turn an enclosed trailer into a mobile greenhouse.  I built my enclosed trailer last year for a storage shed.  Now that I no longer need the enclosed trailer, I decided to brainstorm a way to generate a small business and possibly head toward my independence.  Why work for someone and make them money while they pay you in bread crumbs.  You deserve to live a full life too.  I got to thinking and come up with the idea to turn my enclosed trailer into a mobile greenhouse.  I had a lot of extra windows laying around so my idea was starting to take shape.  I even have a name for my trailer, "Mobilee Grown".

I don't have pictures of me cutting the windows out because I was so excited to get the holes cut out.  I put 3 windows on each side.  I didn't put 4 windows on the sides because my marine battery is on one side and I put a 12 gallon water tank on the other side.

The inside.

This is an inside pic of the roof.  I have 8 windows on the roof.  I now have to add some framing to the roof to support the windows now.  I didn't put windows in the top part of the walls so I can keep my lights hooked up and run more wiring to the exhaust fan which will be on the top right on the side wall.

The exhaust outlet above the last window.

The roof.

Peering inside the greenhouse looking up.

I put a window in the back door.  I tried using my new greenhouse with some small plants but it got so hot and I didn't have the fans installed and they burned up.  I just need to attach a screen and its ready to go.

This is the window I put on the front of the trailer.  Now when I travel with the greenhouse, I can look in my rear view mirror and see the car behind me.  

This is the spot where my exhaust fan will be going.

First, I used a 12 gallon barrel and cut the top off.  I used the lid to house the fans.

 This is the fan mount with the holes cut out of the lid.


I chose to use some 12 volt computer fans to be my exhaust.  They run on little power and with seven of them, it will be more than enough fans to do the job.

This is my finished exhaust fan setup, wired up.  I used Elmer's glue to cover the wires and make it presentable.